Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gomesa Tv

Jose Mtambao na Pipi ndani ya Shut Up

Ladies and gentlemen…how y’all doing? We at Tongwe Records are doing good and ready to drop what we drop best. It’s with great pleasure and pride we are releasing a new joint coming from yours truly Jos Mtambo Featuring Pipi Produced by J-RYDER. The track is is called SHUT UP and it’s about playa haters who can’t treat their women good and when somebody steps up and treat their ladies like queens, they start hating. Love is divine, and when you have somebody with whom you can hold that, don’t let them down cause when they’re gone, it’s just you, yourself and misery. Sit back and enjoy good sounds from the factory of Hip hop and make sure you treat your lady with love and respect……PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gomesa Tv

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