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Mambo makubwa ya Linah na Amini

Amini Mwinyimkuu started as a rapper 10 years ago and 5 years later joined THT – this was a turning point in his life as he changed his music genre and developed a voice that the nation fell in love with.
He was the centre of attention during the THT six albums launch where he performed his hit single ‘Yameteka Dunia’ playing rock guitar. He has recently completed his first album that has already seen three number one hits in Tanzania.
“THT has given me guidance and the confidence in becoming an artist and sharing my music with others,” he says.
Nominated two years in a row in the Tanzania Music Awards as the Best New Act and Best Song of the Year In 2010, Amini was appointed as a Malaria Ambassador featuring in the Zinduka Anthem, Public Service Announcements for Radio and TV and has completed extensive tours in school clubs promoting this campaign, and encouraging youth to engage in the fight against malaria.

Estelina Peter Sanga was raised in a strict Christian family with a father who is the Pastor for the ‘Haven of Peace’ Church in Dar es Salaam. It was not easy for her parents to accept her chosen path as a singer,
however.  Linah’s singing career started at the tender age of nine. She later joined the church choir where she was instantly promoted to lead vocalist.
Her break came when veteran musician and leader of the Super Matimila Band, Remmy Ongala invited her to sing in his band after seeing her perform. “One day, Late Remmy Ongala, saw me singing at our church and he was impressed with me and invited me to sing with his band” says the 20-year-old singer.
In 2009 Linah joined Tanzania House of Talent (THT) and quickly become an instant hit in the industry after recording of her first gospel track ‘Nimekukimbilia’. In January 2011 THT launched six albums and among them was Linah, with just one year in the industry.
Linah has recorded an album, featured in several popular songs in Tanzania and received five nominations at the Kilimanjaro Music Awards swiping Best Female Artist. and New Artist 2011 Awards.

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