Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gomesa Tv

Newtrack;Illmatix feat Pipi- Atakayenipa

Vruuuuum!!!!!!! Ya’ll ready for this? Tongwe Records,
Your hip hop musketeers in Bongo drop  yet another flavor. Yeah! You got here first. We’re talking about ILLMATIX, the fershest MCs to hit your sound systems and radios and they’re just getting started. The track goes by the name ATAKAYEMPATA feat Pipi and there you will find the freshest lines from Harry Kaale aka ONE, Honest Magida aka 6 O’CLOCK and Mored Kaisi aka I.D. As usual the track is produced by your one and only J-Ryder
We are all about good music and good music is what we give you. So, Ladies and gentlemen, once again Tongwe brings flava in yo ear!!!!!!!!!!

Gomesa Tv

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